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Hevel starts selling of HJT solderable cells with efficiency rate up to 24.5%
Hevel Group HJT factory has adjusted the equipment to the new size of monocrystalline wafers and since the end of November, 2022 has extended products line with solderable busbar cells of bigger size starting from M6.
30 — 11 — 2022
Russia’s largest solar power plant to be built in the Republic of Kalmykia

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Russia’s sovereign wealth fund, and Fortum, a leading Nordic energy company are investing in a joint project to build a solar power plant with a capacity of 116 MW located in Kalmykia region, in the south of Russia. The power station will become the largest solar energy facility in Russia.

01 — 03 — 2021
Russian government unveils plan to add 7 GW of renewables till 2035
Russian government is expected to pass a new decree that will see to build 7 GW of solar and wind by 2035. Once approved the forecast for 2035 can be raised to around 13 GW with near 6 GW awarded so far
01 — 02 — 2021
Promoting the training of engineers and technologists
To keep up with global leaders, Russian renewable energy companies seek to secure enough qualified workforce for thriving PV industry. Baltic federal university has recently announced the opening of a new resource center to promote the training of engineers and technologists
20 — 01 — 2021
Field for international investors and producers

Russian Renewable energy industry created from scratch within 7 years remains the field for international investors and producers despite low growth of energy demand and easy access to conventional energy sources

11 — 01 — 2021